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Healthy Life Begins With Pure Water

Clean potable water is no longer a luxury but a necessity. It’s a part of your recipe for good health and hygiene. If you have made the decision to bring a water purifier for home use, it is crucial to make an informed decision about the right one for you.

Is the best water filter in India is suitable for you?

You may come across many water purifiers that claim to be the best water filter in India but they must just not be the right one for you based your water quality. Before you decide, there are some basic checks you need to do:

Check the quality of water in your area by performing water tests. You must take a sample of your water source to a Testing Laboratory where they check if the presence of minerals is within admissible limits. They check the occurrence of harmful chemicals, bacteria or virus as well.

Depending on the results of the test, you can choose the water filter that can give the cleanest form of the water for your consumption.

Selecting the Perfect Water Purifier for Home

Once the water tests results are ready, you can start online research and shop for the appropriate water purifier.

Water from Municipal Corporation that is given in big cities are generally safe and will not have any chemicals. UF or UV Gravity filters will be the ideal choice here.

UF Filters remove the unwanted particles physically from the water. UF membranes are similar to RO membranes but RO is needed only when the water is very hard and has too much TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).

If the test results show impurities, it is best to go for RO Water Purifier. This filters the water through the principle of reverse osmosis and removes all impurities.

UV Filtration mechanism utilizes ultraviolet rays to eradicate any bacteria, germs and microorganisms.

Then there are the basic Candle Based Filters where the pores in the candle block our any unwanted particles.

Carbon-based filters have active carbon in them. These are capable of removing metal, organic contaminants and Chlorine by-products as well.

The tap water filter usually works on the UF filtration mechanism to remove bacteria and virus. They are compact and efficient for day to day tasks such as brushing, washing vegetables and so on.

Buy or even better Rent your Water Filter

As a consumer, you have an option to buy a water purifier in the traditional way after a demo from the company.

But companies such as Livepuresmart are offering their customers the innovative choice to use the water filter without worrying about its purchase or maintenance. The machine is both owned and managed by the company. Their customers can enjoy clean water at affordable costs and with peace of mind.

The customers need to pay a very reasonable amount per month for this service when compared to the charges levied by branded water filter companies for services.

Whether you buy or rent your water purifier for home use, make sure you check the warranty, frequency of servicing needed and whether 24×7 customer support is available.

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