5 Of the greatest Strategies for Kids Modeling

Kid models are the most adorable bunch but they are easily the toughest models for photographers and agencies to handle. Modeling definitely takes a toll on the kids themselves as well. To ease that process, we have compiled the top five tips on kids modeling that we believe should be strongly adhered to.

1. Choose the right agency

Choosing the right agency takes the number one priority on the journey to becoming a kid model. The right agency is not one that is just registered but is reputable and credible. Parents/ guardians should be clear on how their child will be treated and what the future growth of their kid will look like. Any credible modeling agency would set up a good website and be very active both on online and offline platforms to market their models. As such, you will be able to see the photo shoots and past projects done by kids, and make a well-informed decision on whether to join the agency.

Most importantly, never fall prey to scams. Setting your kid up with the wrong agency can pose many risks and also destroy your kid’s genuine passion for modeling. Some important signs that will point it out are being located in suspicious areas, calling you for an appointment on irregular hours, poor online presence, requesting for sexually explicit poses and asking kids to come alone to the agency without their parents. Of course, use your wisest judgment in all cases, but parents should always follow their kid to a modeling agency and for all jobs.

2. Wear appropriately to the audition.

Not only should a kid wear simply, he or she should wear age appropriately. Suits or fancy dresses are definitely unnecessary. Solid-colored clothes are enough. Preferably stick to bright color that resemble the vibrancy and energy of a kid and it’s better to wear plain than risk rejection.

3. Set realistic schedules

If your kid looks good and is performing well as a model, there will be many opportunities coming their way. Never forego the most important priorities such as school and family time. You also never want to overstrain your kid at a young age else the result may back fire and they may lose interest in kids modeling due to fatigue or stress caused by a hectic schedule. Modeling should be a fun and unique experience for kids; else it’s not a wise pursuit.

4. Don’t spend too much on photos or clothes

It is likely that parents wishing the best for their kids end up spending a bomb on clothes and expensive photography of their kids to submit to the agency. On the contrary it isn’t necessary to send studio-quality or professional photos to a studio. Ordinary snapshots that are well taken would suffice for the application to an agency. Any good agency will be identifying the talent with ordinary photos and they will anyway take better photographs suited to the style they want to mould your kid into. Hence, save your money and your time.

5. Make sure your kid loves modeling.

Money and fame are the usual reasons why models sign up. However, it is hard to make good money or substantial fame until a model becomes successful and starts doing major projects; this is even more so for a kid. Moreover, at the onset of modeling, there will be sacrifices to make in terms of traveling to different areas of the country for photo shoots, giving up a bit of social life to accommodate modeling and so on. Hence it’s absolutely vital that a kid truly loves modeling in order to excel in it.

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