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4 Things You Should Know About Hair Loss In Men

Did you know that there is a difference between hair loss and baldness?

About 25% of the male population start going bald by the time they are 30 years old. By the time 85% of men are 50 years or older, they start to experience some type of hair thinning. If you are one of these men, things are not as hopeless as they seem.

  1. Why I am starting to lose my hair?

If you are experiencing hair loss, the most probable reason is that you are having a sensitive reaction to male-factor sex hormones referred to as androgens. Physicians regard this condition as genetic, meaning that you have inherited it.

There are other reasons that make your hair start thinning such as surgical procedures, illness, scalp infections, hormone level changes, and stress. In most of these cases, however, your hair loss is not permanent.

  1. Can emotional and sexual frustration cause baldness?

As we have stated above, some hair loss is due to stress but the major reason is genetics. Normal hair loss is gradual and predictable. If your hair is unpredictably falling out or is falling out in clumps, then you have a yet diagnosed condition. It could be a result of frustration but the best advice is for you to contact your GP for a medical check-up.

  1. How can I stop my hair from falling off naturally?

The truth is that nearly everyone loses some of his/her hair as they grow older. However, male pattern hair loss is a condition that is genetic and cannot entirely be stopped.

The constant tension or pulling of your hair over a long period leads to a condition referred to as Traction Alopecia. You do not necessarily have to be dragged over a rough surface to experience this condition. Your behaviour over a long period such as wearing tight braids like ponytails and cornrows is likely to cause traction alopecia. The best advice is for you to desist from pulling on your hair tightly. Additionally, constant exercise improves your overall health including your head hair.

  1. How is hair loss treated?

Hair loss is a natural process. You must begin by making a choice on whether to accept it or try to disguise or treat it. If you choose to treat your baldness using medication, there are two recommended drugs.

Propecia (Finasteride): this is a medicine in tablet format that works by partially blocking the effects of androgen, the malefactor hormone responsible for hair loss. The tablet works as an anti-androgen. This tablet has been shown to stop continued hair loss and help the regeneration of scalp hair. It works after 3 to 6 months in over 80% of the patients that take it. You can buy Propecia online at Apomeds and you must take it for as long as you want the treatment benefits to persist. The treatment is available on prescription.

Minoxidil lotion: this medication is applied to the scalp twice daily and is in the form of Regaine extra strength and Regaine regular strength. The lotion can be purchased over-the-counter since it is not available for prescription. This treatment is effective for 60% of patients and its benefits last for as long as the treatment continues.

A more radical form of treatment for hair loss is cosmetic surgery. This is a reliable way of replacing lost hair through flap surgery, scalp reductions, and hair transplants. Although these are long-term solutions to hair loss, they are very expensive.

You should understand that hair loss is a natural process. Many people choose to accept it but others are keen on disguising their bald spots using medications. While these medications work, they must be taken for as long as you want to experience their benefits.

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